Wednesday, 23 September 2009

plum tart

Thanks to a generous colleague, I was very lucky to bring home some gorgeous plums this week. Look at those beauties!
And the finished product isn't bad either, what do you say? Yummy!!!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

pasta mia

A while ago I was telling you about my felt fun period. And as I'm really quite a greedy person, I've found a nice way of combining the two, but without the calories to accompany my dishes: farfalle and ravioli!

This is a recent thing, but I've also been known to make a cake or two when I first started sewing. Sadly, a lot of them have found new homes before I could picture night even say they "sold like hot cakes"!
Luckily I still have apicture of my very first (bless, I was so proud of my efforts!)

Thursday, 3 September 2009

I don't like school...

( I don't like school!
Plus, you can see I've got loads to do
So I've decided to stay on holiday...)
Ah...if only I could do the same!
I always love the illustrations from Luciolland, especially the Miss at the start of each month. (English readers, you might have seen her work in Jamie Oliver's cute!)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A nice day out

Last week I have been out and about in London, going in and out of museums, and admiring the views from all the city's famous spots. Such is life when you live in a popular capital these days!
I think I have had more visitors since I moved here a year ago than in three years of living in the Midlands!!
But sometimes it's worth it, just to take a different look at things you tend to take for granted, or just to rediscover the beauty of an art piece. I've always been very fond of Giacometti, but what a pleasure to see those again at the Tate Modern!

We've also had a nice time in Brighton, going through little streets covered in paintings / graffiti / street art. Take a look for yourself...

And, of course, no visit to Brighton would be complete without walking around on the Pier.

That was nice! Unfortunately all good things have an end, and I'm back at work hoo! Don't you all find it hard to go back to the office?
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