Monday, 8 March 2010

le pont Mirabeau

My late grandmother had this poem framed in her house, just above the armchair and next to the window. I remember reading it over and over in my childhood, then as time went on I sort of forgot about it. Driving home just now, one of its line sprung back to memory,
"La joie venait toujours apres la peine"
(Joy always came after sorrow)

I guess it just sums up how I'm feeling right now. It has been a tough few weeks, and I am finally feeling happier with myself, with work, and life in general.
I was lucky enough to spend the week-end in Lille (well, I did have to look after 70 odd kiddos, but still!) and have brought back a few pics to share with you.

*The most dream-like of all sculptures - hanging floating nymphs at the Beaux-Arts metro station*

- The office tourism building -

- A humback cat in the "rue des chats bossus" -

**My perfect vision - a window full of lovely cakes!**

Hope you've enjoyed those. Lille is a beautiful town with plenty to see...and it's only a couple of hours away by Eurostar, so it's an ideal place to visit for a week-end. Now that I'm feeling miles better, I'm sure you'll excuse me as I have about a tonne of French food to go prepare/cook/relish/devour!!


  1. explendit blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  2. Those pics are lovely! Make me want to visit it, unfortunatelly it's a bit much further for me to go there. I'm glad you feel fine by now.

  3. Thanks for sharing the poem and the photos. The cakes look yummy!

  4. A weekend in France sounds wonderful! French patisseries are hard to beat.


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