Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Rose stars

The latest finished rose star. Very pink.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lemon Drizzle

I've been trying to be good these days...not easy everyday when all you crave is carbs in the evening!
I was doing so well this week - check out my superfoods salad...

And then THIS happened...

Best ever Lemon Drizzle Cake. I have now perfected the recipe and added a few bits to the original recipe I'd found online.

* Beat together 125g of butter and 125g of sugar then add the zest of a lemon
* Add 3 whole eggs, one by one
* Mix in 135g of self-raising flour and 50g of powdered almonds
* Add the juice of 2 lemons and as many poppy seeds as you like!

Bake for about an hour at 180. Leave to rest for 10 minutes, then cover with a mix of icing sugar, lemon juice and more zest. This is the trickiest part - I use a toothpick to make sure my cake has enough holes in beforehand. It's nicer if the juice soaks all the way through the cake too!

Take my word for it - Best Lemon Drizzle Cake ever!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

flowers everywhere

On Sunday we visited Columbia Road flower market. The place is thriving with people trying to get the best deal. But I reckon I got the best one: all of this for a fiver! I couldn't believe it. Shame I'd forgotten my camera too :(

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pottery at the V&A

Really? Can it possibly already be that late in Febrrrruary? The month has literally flown by. So, apart from the obvious busy bees out there, what have I, I hear you ask, been up to for the last couple of weeks?
Oh dear...not that much, really...but hang on, I work full time and look after the house, after all! Yeah, OK, granted, but I also find the time to look at dozens of silly repeats on the Internet - oops...

Well, it's hibernating season, isn't it? Talking of which, aren't those tea pots from the V&A lovely and inviting with the kind of weather we've been having? I also spotted this fantastic dish when I visited the ceramics gallery lately.

On to weirder but nonetheless intriguing pieces now...

More on my super lazy month soon...

Monday, 6 February 2012

Rose star

Ok, so I've gone a bit psychedelic with the colour mix on this one, but hey least we can't complain about it being too boring!!

Now - sewing ladies extraordinaires...your advice is greatly needed at this point. What do I do with all my bits of paper at the back? I know I'm supposed to leave some in until the end (putting a whole quilt together), but all of them?
Or can I start removing the ones from the centre, and leave the ones from the outside?
Hope this makes sense...
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