Thursday, 31 March 2011

a simple dinner

Last night dinner brought me the comfort I needed after a grumpy day. I wonder if the return of the rain is behind this machiavelic scheme to make me grumpy, or if it's just the end of term. Let's see what today brings...

Mushroom tortellini, kabanos, a light salad with yeast flakes on.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

spring mornings

My spring mornings last week were all about my little daffodils. Watching them open a little bit more every day put me in a good mood straight away! If you're in need of a boost at the moment, here's something that always lifts my spirits...

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

* 10 years *

Yesterday marked 10 years of happiness, laughter, and sharing my life with him. It's amazing how quickly all these years went by, and how much my love continues to grow and grow.
M., I know you never come and visit my blog space, but if perchance you did - thank you!

Photo by Guille
Taken last summer whilst experimenting with lights and camera.

Monday, 14 March 2011

A trip to France

Time is a recurrent theme in my posts - and for a good reason, or maybe I am completely deluded? I always seem to run out of time, and never find enough to do all the things I envisaged doing. That's how last Monday, at 7 in the morning, I baked a batch of macaroons which I'd promised to bring into work. It's also why, for the last month, I've not written here. So, let's see...just what have I been up to in the last month?
Well, three weeks ago, some very unforseen events at work made me step up to a new opportunity I just could not refuse to grab (you know the one - the one you think..."hang on, no, that's just too good to be true...") Turns out, it was for real, and well, is it too good to be true? Once you balance out the amount of admin / chasing up you have to do, it's not really all that glam, but it's definitely worth experiencing, even if it's not permament!
Then I went on my pilgrimage to the native land and brought back a few nice memories, like this shot of my beloved cat.

Twilight outside the Louvre

This time, though, I was less than impressed with Parisian way of life. The metro stank, the city screamed of poverty at every corner of every building, and at the same time prices are so high for a simple meal in a simple cafe, it all seems a bit too extreme. Or maybe I was just feeling a bit too down to enjoy it?
This weekend I also hopped to Lille for a little spot of shopping educational visit with Year8 and finally gave in to my unsatisfied shopping fever which has affected me lately.
And don't you start adding to the negative "you look just like a freaky teacher I used to have" "your tastes are sooo weird" I got when I got back...Tsss, men, what do they know, hey?
So what if I'm into bows and little birdies at the moment? And just to prove my point, here's more of the same...

And that's how I filled my last few weeks. Well, part of it. I now look forward to the next few weekends, and to doing a bit more of what I want to do as opposed to what I have to do. Let's see how that goes.
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