Tuesday, 11 January 2011

comfort food game

But what can it be???
A yummy lavender heart trio to be won if you guess the correct answer. It's easy to win! Just leave a comment and/or start following me between today and Sunday night to enter the competition. I will announce the winner early next week.

Wednesday edit ::
So, it's not fudge, it's not peanut, and it's not marzipan...but the main ingredient is definitely a nut of some sort. Does that help, or do you need more clues?


  1. Is it a chocolate fudge cake?
    Whatever it is....it looks so YUMMY!!!!

    Oh, I could just a piece!x

  2. Sorry Mel Mel, it's not fudge.

  3. Kind of the same texture, but no almonds there!

  4. Is it a peanut butter cake thingy covered in chocolate???

  5. No peanut there either...sorry!

  6. Okay this is stumping me. How about coconut?

  7. Is it pecan cheesecake? Looks good whatsever it is.

  8. I'm awful at cooking. I'll need not only one more clue but the whole recipe and still don't know whether I'll guess what that cake is made of!
    Only if I tasted I'd know it! it looks delicious!


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