Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Take me to the Retiro

If you're following me over on IG you'll know we have just come back from a short week in Madrid. The weather was sooo good, it was unbelievable! It was like summer in the UK. Perfect to boost the morale and recharge the batteries before exam season starts in school :(

We spent a fair bit of time in the gorgeous and iconic Retiro Park, like good tourists. To be fair we have visited Madrid a handful of times and by now we have seen most of the attractions, and with this kind of sun and warmth, the park was just the ticket. We met up with friends and their family and enjoyed a picnic under the trees by the Palacio de Cristal before heading to the peacocks area, and hey, we scored! A couple of them displayed their "wheel" for us, aren't they just pretty things to look at?
Of course with kids in tow we stopped at many of the play areas, and for ever the Retiro will stay in our memories as the place where our daughter finally learnt to do her own swinging - our big girl!
Later in the week we decided to go back and hire a family-size bike, which I completely recommend as it was great fun to go around and try to use up a few of the extra calories we picked up at the tapas place the night before.

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