Thursday, 23 December 2010


It has become custom for us to have more and more snow over the last handful of years, to my delight! Not only do I get time off work (we wouldn't want the little angels to hurt themselves in the snow, would we?) but I get to do what I do best in the given time: marvel at pretty things. Besides all the ever so inspiring blogs out there, there's things like that...

Isn't it just awe-inspiring? Ther stillness around was deafening, and the sky just looked amazing.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

make a wish

This is the last of my three patterns for the wedding favours. I started making about a dozen normal ones, and then decided to make them a bit funkier with a crinkly edge. Overall I have 25 of those too, but time has been an issue, and I only have a selection of them photographed.
So, tell me, which do you prefer - stars, hearts or flowers?

Monday, 13 December 2010

In the mood for Christmas

Now that I have officially finished all the favours, I can concentrate on making a few extra things for myself, friends and colleagues. The hearts above are some of those, and some are on their way to new owners in many different places as we speak. I hope they fill plenty of new wardrobes and drawers with lovely smells of Provence.

I had a mini craft fair of my own in work last week, which was really lovely. People really loved my pouches, and I have to say I love making them. Thanks so much to Keyka Lou for making patterns so easy to use. Despite my super duper new camera, my pics are still taken after night fall, and so they will look a bit eery.

And just because I was home alone the night before, I decided to have a cook off and put my colleagues in a merry Christmas mood. Sometimes I think I'm a bit nuts to make things like that. Does that ever happen to you too? Well, at least some people loved it, and it definitely cheered the staff room, especially with that extra bit of sherry I added in, hi hi hi!

The recipe is, of course, by Nigella.
Nothing as decadent and yummy as this could be by anyone else.

But man, what a nightmare have I had trying to find green glacĂ© cherries this year! Where are they? I had to use angelica instead, which is fine but not as vibrantly colourful as cherries. If you know where to find them, please let me know.

Friday, 3 December 2010

a whole lot of love

As I am putting my final touches to the seventy five - yes, 75 - wedding favours, I thought I'd finally share with you my army of little hearts filled with gorgeous smelling lavender. For those of you who missed out on the preview, click here.

All hearts are different and I have used vintage buttons on all. Some have vintage lace, some have Liberty biais, all are absolutely dainty and cute! OK, I'm biased. But admittedly, I have never done so many little things so many times over, and it's going to be hard to let go of them after weeks of seeing them grow!

The wedding is approaching very fast, just a few more weeks...

Be sure to check here soon again as I reveal my final pattern. After flowers and hearts...what could it be??

simple lunch

A nice hearty soup, fresh bread and creamy cheese, amaretto apricots cake. Divine.
Whta do you eat at the moment?

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winter treats

This year December brought us some early snow, and much to my delight, some unforeseen time off work. How nice, when all I was craving for was a bit of time to continue my sewing projects, and frankly, an extra hour in bed does wonders on my mood!
The day before yesterday it started like that... and it was freeezing.

Yesterday we did not have a single flake all day, but were left with terrible roads and sidewalk. You know those old movie where people fall on the ice, and it's so funny - well, it's not. I tried walking a bit yesterday, and was only too happy to come back home after a few unlucky steps.

Today, I woke up to this winter wonderland (*o*)

But hey...who's left their foot print here??

Ah, ha....could it be the return of Mr Fox?

Glad to see they're still around, I hadn't seen them in a while.
Oh, and there's just one more treat. When I saw her again, I had to have her. So here I am, with a second advent calendar from Berlin, and its fabulous treats...oh, it's good to be in December!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

spirited up...

Ther's nothing quite like a new item in your wardrobe to lift your spirit, is there? Last weekend I liftes my spirit up - a lot!
I know it's bad to buy yourself stuff befor *C* but when you see something as nice as what I saw...well, you just have to have it.  And so, I introduce....(drum roll) so so so cute, melt-your-heart, winter knit.

Now, if your heart didn't melt at the "pompon" detail - that's it, go get checked, you're officially not in the whole *c* / winter spirit!

And because I can tell you've been good...a small preview on the lavender hearts...

You can see the rest after the bride-to-be sees them this weekend. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Monday, 15 November 2010

autumn in Berlin

This is the nicest piece I've seen in a long time - I really did not get into the Hamburger Bahnhof museum, but somehow this make-shift bizarre raft made it for me. It really tapped into my inner child, and I felt like the visit was worth it after seeing it.

Great dusk lights...and great food at VaPiano. OK, not the most German food, but still great!

*C* preparations at the KaDeWe

The Spree, its bank...and the birds

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

the *C* word

Oh yes, that time of year. Unbelievably, i read an article ages ago saying that there was apparently a demand from customers to buy *C* stuff as early as July, and this was why big store were already stocking up on decorations, cards and seasonal presents. Honestly? July?
I feel  already kind of bad mentioning it here and now, but it's close enough now, isn't it? Especially for us crafty people. Not that we're "special" but if you want a chance of making one or two presents yourself, you've got to start now or it will never happen.
So, last weekend, in the spirit of things, and having been on a raid shopping trip here, I decided to have a bath with the lovely gingerbread house bath bomb. What had I done...
 "what are you doing?" the man said "it's not *C* yet! you can't use *C*-y stuff until it's *C*!!"
And that's when I realised - gosh, I'm nearly as bad as those July people. It's true, isn't it? The longer *C* is around, the less magic there is.

So I won't be sharing too much just yet. Just one little photo maybe...just one....

From the superb display at the KaDeWe, Berlin.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I started off those little flowers a while ago - remember them? A couple of months later, and look how busy I've been... my sewing box needs a rest this week!

Perfect to gently perfume your cupboards - without looking like a nasty old-fashioned moth repellent! 
The wedding guests are in for a treat

Amidst the sea of felt flowers, there are now many more things taking shape - hearts and stars.

To be continued...

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