Wednesday, 26 February 2014

dreaming allowed

Probably the best perk of being a teacher is all the lovely trips you get to go on. Over the years I have been to France and Spain many times, of course, but also Germany, and loads of different places around the UK. I love a day out and often volunteer - well, who wouldn't? Beats sitting behind a desk.
 I loved making candles at the Jewish museum, having a lecture on perspective in Canaletto's paintings at the National Gallery, seeing amazing mosaics at Fishbourne, and of course watching plays. A couple of weeks ago I got to see the lovely Jude Law on stage for example. Nice!
Today I was allowed a bit of respite from the gruelling routine (it's hard going back after a week of farniente with baby) and spent the day at the museum. Amongst other things, the fashion gallery at the V&A really caught my eye, especially since I am reading Marie-Antoinette's biography at the moment. On display were some 18th century dresses and shoes, and they reminded me of that other book of mine on the fabulous work of Rose Bertin (I must have a look at it again soon!)

More inspiration came from the lovely floor mosaics in the corridors - they made me think of potential patterns for quilts. Speaking of which, I was surprised to see some limited-edition fabric for sale in the shop. I purchased some years ago when they had their quilt exhibition, but they still had some of the old pattern ones and a couple of new ones. I refrained from buying any - goodness knows how. Maybe the bulging stash I have at home is just begging to be used up a bit before being replaced. Maybe. Food for thought!

Monday, 24 February 2014

This month I like...

flowers beds in complete bloom everywhere in our local park, something like a magical carpet
♥ feeling much better after a horrible few days with tonsilitis
♥ spotting birds in the trees outside my windows and out and about
♥ baking a couple of new recipes
♥ browsing stationery over at Paperchase. I know it could be called an obsession but there's nothing I can do about it. Every time I step foot in this shop I see a little something I like. Last time it was that desk organiser from the Woodland collection. Well, it does seem like the essential item to lead a more organised life, doesn't it?
♥ watching some old-school Ally MacBeal on DVD - the perfect no-brainer before going to bed

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


This week has been all about pink so far. Baby has new PJs with the most adorable collar and bodysuits full of my favourite matriochkas. My devoted husband has decided to bring home some flowers for Valentine's night - to my confused look, as we never do anything to mark the occasion. Beautiful flowers though, I am really enjoying them. And I was made up with the tasty meal he cooked for us this weekend too.

Rosy things:
* started a  mini sewing project for upcoming birthdays
* made my first carrot and walnut cake and it was yummy
* getting baby to sleep with the Stone roses - she is one cool chick already!
* watching a bit of ice skating on catch-up TV and re-reading Marie Antoinette's biography
* the return of the sewing bee

Less rosy things:
* being sick during your one and only week of holidays
* your baby girl being sick and waking up in floods of tears with toothache

Hopefully we'll be better before the week is over. I blame the lack of cold weather. Still, it's not too late for a big snow system to hit us. Fingers crossed.

Monday, 10 February 2014

snow where are you?

Wet and windy February. Whilst the south of the country is literally drowning under all the rain, here we are, miserable, wet and windy but not properly cold like a good old winter should feel like. Snow, I miss you. Last year it was snowing on the day Baby was born. We were waiting to be seen at the maternity ward very early one Monday morning as day was just breaking and it snowed. Later that morning before I lost my mind track of time in the delivery room, I remember looking outside and seeing yet more snow falling down.
As Baby's birthday approaches I realise I am feeling increasingly nostalgic of those last  few weeks of pregnancy and early days of motherhood. I miss the anticipation of it all - even though it drove me mad at the time, the laziness, and touching my tummy to feel her kicking back at me. And the cold, crisp air charged with the impending snow.
Man, I really wish for some snow before winter's over.
In the meantime I have found some comfort in finishing all the nitty-gritty hand quilting of my last baby quilt. What a great feeling when it finally comes together! I also made a new bias in a lovely black sakura-style fabric I bought with Atina Alga years ago. And we've taken the habit of going out for breakfast at the weekend. Lazy days, hibernation, and comfort foods. Just that darn snow missing...

Saturday, 1 February 2014

still winter days

Yesterday on the radio many people were phoning in and saying how happy they were that January was finally over. It's true that it's a pretty long month, and for those who made resolutions it can be a bit depressing. The incessant rain just doesn't help to make things any better.
Still, if you look on the bright side, you might say it's great to come home and have a hot cup of cocoa. You get to snuggle up on the sofa under all your quilts and later in bed with a hot water bottle. You get to bake hearty comfort food without any complex, and January is also a good excuse to snap up some sales in the shops. Being the capricorn that I am, I got a bargain or two on a recent shopping trip. Well...recent shopping trip...ummm. All is relative now with Baby. "Recent" goes back to the first few days of the month about three weeks ago, as for "shopping trip" it is more like an hour zooming from one place to the other in the local shopping centre.
Luckily the days are getting much longer already and there is hope that soon I'll be able to venture out with my pram and Baby in tow at the end of the working day. Till then, back to comforting things. Enjoy hibernation while it lasts!
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