Saturday, 2 November 2013

catching up on sewing

Guess what? I have finally found enough time and motivation (an extremely rare combination of factors these days) to get on with a bit more sewing. And - keep still - not only have I finally finished hand-quilting my next Baby quilt, but I have also made the bias from scratch...woo hoo!
Now there is much hope and anticipation as to whether I can actually put the two together and proudly say I have finished a sewing project during my holidays. Will she, won't she? Stay tuned and find out very soon, she says, crossing all her fingers and toes at the same time!


  1. il est magnifique ! tu mets quoi pour bloquer au centre des carrés ?

  2. Des petits points que je fais a la main avec un fil solide. Ca prend des heures, mais le resultat en vaut la peine!

  3. Nice convination. Looking forward to seeing it with its bías tape!


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