Wednesday, 28 September 2011

things I love right now

Things I absolutely love at the moment...

♥  spending hours watching Rock'n'roll bride's decadent and magnificent weddings
♥  the heat wave - it's not too late to wear summer gear once more, yeah!
♥  seeing happy bloggers on every continent, with a special thought for Alicia. If you haven't read her blog before, run to it, and I swear you will get addicted!
♥   preparing for Christmas (you know it's just around the corner)
♥   Bliss Cocotte's before and after pictures - so cute!
♥   making loads of those lovely pouches

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

More vintage finds

Last installment this week ladies! My life has turned into a roller coaster all over again, with extra added twists this year, but more on that later...For now it is time to share this super cute find with you. But what could be in that battered old box?

The cutest accessories known to mankind (great sense of measure, eh?) or rather to the sewing afficionados that we are.

" Blue Ink"
"Made for embroidery"
"Fades away with first wash"

Didn't I tell you it was the cutest?

I haven't tested it yet, but am delighted with this vintage find. I never even imagined that items like that existed. Well, that's it for today again folks. Hope you're all having a great time!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

vintage plates

Last week I showed you some of the sewing stuff gleaned on french Sunday antique markets. Today I want to share with you some of the new ( or old, depending how you think of it!) kitchenware I got a few weeks ago.

 I love that they are all different, it makes our table look a bit wonky but really interesting at the same time! The minute I walked into Chez Rosito in Paris for the first time (delicious Corsican restaurant just off place des Vosges - yummy!) and saw their mismatched old-fashioned plates, I knew I wanted to do the same at home.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Vintage finds

The great thing about visiting France in the summer is that you can be sure there will be lots of antique / car boot sales at the weekend.  This August I visited a couple of really nice places on Sundays near home. Most of the stalls sell tat, really, but occasionally there are treasures to be re-discovered. Someone in the family is a complete car-boot nut and goes religiously. That's how I end up with anything sewing-related whenever I go back. Still, it means I never EVER run out of cotton or buttons (or needles, or measuring tapes)!

The jars are also vintage. One of them now contains sugar and a pod of vanilla straight from Madagascar...yum!

More vintage finds in my next posts

Friday, 2 September 2011

autumn is coming

More cute foxy moments these last few days. It must be nice being a fox in my neighbourhood...
First there were two, and then...

I know people hate them and consider them to be a real nuisance, but I can't help feeling happy when I catch them having a rest like that. Sometimes they can be really funny too. And the second they notice me, they just run away.

Well, I don't know about you keen gardeners, but I have been quite busy dealing with this lot of fruit and vegetables I brought back from my holidays. Luckily the apples will keep for a while, but I have had to do a fair bit of cooking to use the fresh tomatoes and the enormous courgette (more like a 2kg marrow) I had. Now that autumn is just around the corner, it will be nice to open up some jars full of summer flavour, though, so it's all been worth it!

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