Friday, 2 September 2011

autumn is coming

More cute foxy moments these last few days. It must be nice being a fox in my neighbourhood...
First there were two, and then...

I know people hate them and consider them to be a real nuisance, but I can't help feeling happy when I catch them having a rest like that. Sometimes they can be really funny too. And the second they notice me, they just run away.

Well, I don't know about you keen gardeners, but I have been quite busy dealing with this lot of fruit and vegetables I brought back from my holidays. Luckily the apples will keep for a while, but I have had to do a fair bit of cooking to use the fresh tomatoes and the enormous courgette (more like a 2kg marrow) I had. Now that autumn is just around the corner, it will be nice to open up some jars full of summer flavour, though, so it's all been worth it!


  1. merci pour ton com, je t'écris là car j'ai pas trouvé ton adresse email,dans mon post j'ai dit "dans mon atelier" mais actually on est dans la salle avec ma fille car je couds essentiellement pendant la sieste du petit. Pour les chaises, ce sont des chaises d'occas, que j'ai amené chez le tapissier pour les retaper et leur donner une 2e vie avec du velours trouvé au marché st pierre, en trois nuances : aubergine, fushia et vert anis.

  2. I've been busy canning, so I can have those jars full of summer flavor, too! I love the photos of the foxes - they are so cute! I wish I got to see them outside my window.


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