Tuesday, 29 May 2012

summer fruit salad

I love making fruit salads. I must make at least two a week, and they're pretty much all a variation along the mango. Mangoes are so cheap and easy to find here compared to France!
My favourite is a simple one of mango-blueberries-strawberries affair with a dash of fresh lime juice. But yesterday to celebrate what may be the end of our summer (storms and rain back on its way now) I made this one with apples and oranges. It's the perfect hot weather comfort food.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

wild flowers

Sunshine - check
Pretty flowers everwhere in sight - check
Frappucinos - check
New sunglasses - check

Hope you are making the most of it too. Off to sunbathe for the day!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cushion covers

A couple of weeks ago I made this cushion cover with appliqué birds. It was really easy to make. I used this tutorial, which is really useful and idiot-proof if you are not big fans of sewing buttonholes. Apart from the birds on top, it is the simplest way to make a cushion cover, I totally recommend you try it.
I also made this one earlier - a bit more tricky. I had the idea for a bunting cushion cover a while ago, and have to say even though the dark red material is probably not the best, I am quite pleased with the result...but still prefer the simple birds cushion. Oh, make up your mind, woman!

But this is only the start! The other day I bought 12 cushions to cover for a special little project of mine...so, 10 to go! Stay tuned.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

cookies in a jar

After seeing those lovely jars in a shop in my neighbourhood, I decided they would be a lovely thing to do myself, not to mention a yummy treat for friends and family! I made a first attempt a few months ago with a muffin mix, which turned out to be really nice.
Then recently I also did a chocolate chip cookie mix. The jar was just about big enough for all the chocolate chips at the top!

Anyway I had to alter the recipe slightly, but overall the cookies were gorgeous, and it doesn't really matter which order you mix the ingredients in.
All you have to do is make sure you prepare them with lurve!! Well, and a couple of your own ingredients, such as an egg and some soft butter. With everything all weighed and mesured, it's really stress-free, and everyone can enjoy home-made cookies in no time.

Friday, 4 May 2012

spring detox

Today I am trying to chase the grey, sad mood and nasty cold virus away with this lovely fruit salad. Way nicer than antibiotics and L*msip - I'm fed up with artificial citrus taste! And I love the cute Japanese bowls we brought back from Tokyo's Oriental Bazaar a couple of years ago. They're enough to cheer anyone up, aren't they?

After the worst April on record for decades, and a terrible May forecast ahead of us, I wonder if we'll have the best summer ever...how nice it would be!
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