Thursday, 20 October 2011

work in progress

This month...

--> -->♥ I loved - loved - loved the Indian summer, but not so much the drastic change of temperatures we've been experiencing in the past few days. Strapless dress to furry coat within days = big cold! -->♥  seeing a whole chunk of my family unexpectedly has been really quite emotional...even more so as we were celebrating the life of a beloved who passed away. Funerals are always bizarre situations, aren't they? -->  I found out just how addicted I am to the Internet at home. Not having a working phone nor a web connection has not brought out the best in me at first, and then i sort of re-discovered the joys of being free from it all. Now it's back, and so is my sanity.♥ Still loving the weird and wonderful world of Rock'n Roll bride. Added Un beau jour to my daily browsing too. Are you sensing a theme?
♥ Still busy making some lovely pocket using Keyka Lou's patterns, as you can see. They're a pleasure to work with. My lounge turns into a real factory at the weekend!

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