Tuesday, 31 August 2010

handmade bracelets with bias

Tomorrow something terrible is happening, can you guess?

Boo hoo! On the plus side, one cannot start the new year without some ultimate accessories, so, following my recent visit to La Droguerie, here is one of my new favourite bits...

lovely Liberty biais - they have the best selection!

I have made a new one since, but have to rely on the other half to be around and in the mood to take pics for me. We're still without a proper camera, but I hope we can have a good one soon. Can anyone recommend a reliable one for a casual photographer like me? 

Saturday, 28 August 2010

curvy clutch

It has been forever since I have written anything around here. I guess that's what happens in the summer, right?
Only a few tiny days before work has to start again...sigh! Do you remember when you were a child and summer seemed to last for ever and ever? Oh, how I wish this was still the case. As years go by, I get the impression that summer lasts less and less time every year. Am I right, or is something wrong with me?

As for sewing...well...armed with the best intentions for the summer, I managed to do, err, well, not a quarter of what I'd planned to do if I'm honest. But still, another nice curvy clutch, have a look...

Atina Alga took me to the best fabric shop ever in Madrid, and this is where both fabrics for this clutch come from. Unfortunately, they don't do Internet orders yet, but the cute boutique is definitely worth going to. Their patchwork fabrics are some of the best selections I've ever seen.

Right, time to go and have a little pre-dinner drink now. My other half has decided to cook again these days, and tonight I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to his lamb tajine with prunes and almonds...yummy!
See you soon for more...I'm back now!

Monday, 2 August 2010

lavender bags

There's still loads to improve on those lavender mini bags, but they're so lovely I had to show you what the felt ones look like at the moment. As posted a few days ago, they are destined to be wedding favours, but first of all I need to bride-to-be to say which designs she likes best. I am also preparing a few fabric hearts, and then she can make an informed decision. To finish them off, I'm going to have special labels made and attach them at the back with the names and date of of the wedding.
Married women, or brides to be, I would just love to hear your comments about them. Do you think they'd be appreciated? What did you have for your wedding favours (if any)?

Oh, and talking about weddings, as usual a few bloggers are getting married this summer, and I just have to mention Alix's fabulous-looking wedding. Even if you're not a big fashionista (I'm not, really), you'll love her blog about Paris, accessories, and shoes. Worth a peek!

And of course, for those who have been following (by the way, if you want to follow, there's still space ;) ) I simply cannot let you go without showing you the magnificent - oh so sublime - gorgissimous chocolate tart I made this weekend for my half! Let me tell you, the half was happy! But then who wouldn't be?

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