Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Well, when you're a bit down, and all the elements are against you, and it's the worst week ever with things to organise, people to call back, a mountain of projects on the go, and having to say goodbye for ever to someone you really liked...what to do?
Break down, close the door, and rock yourself to a numb state? Not my style.
Instead I've carried on like a trooper these days, trying as best as I can to meet my deadlines and get the job done. There's not been any time for nice sewing sessions, even if there's a long list of lovely ideas ready to be executed.
These lovely home made mince pies have surely plyed a role in my vitality. Although, for once, I have cheated and bought ready-made pastry. I know, it's bad!!


  1. I forgive you, they look delicious!
    I tried to make ready-made pancakes and the experience was awful!, I'm just useless in the kitchen.


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