Monday, 21 November 2011

blue monday

Today I read the saddest blog entry ever. Alicia from posie gets cozy has found the most beautiful and poignant words to tell us her story. I had been waiting, like hundreds of her regular readers, to hear about her big baby news. She had us hanging on the edge of our seats, when today the much awaited post came. Beware ladies, this is one very sad story, but so beautifully told, it makes you wonder how some people manage to find so much love in their hearts.

Today for the first time, I dedicate my post to someone, and hope (as I have always believed), that things really DO happen for a reason.


  1. That poor family.....tragic...hope they find some peace within themselves soon...x

  2. I'd been waiting, as you had, to hear her news. I had tears in my eyes as I read her post.


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