Thursday, 18 November 2010

spirited up...

Ther's nothing quite like a new item in your wardrobe to lift your spirit, is there? Last weekend I liftes my spirit up - a lot!
I know it's bad to buy yourself stuff befor *C* but when you see something as nice as what I saw...well, you just have to have it.  And so, I introduce....(drum roll) so so so cute, melt-your-heart, winter knit.

Now, if your heart didn't melt at the "pompon" detail - that's it, go get checked, you're officially not in the whole *c* / winter spirit!

And because I can tell you've been good...a small preview on the lavender hearts...

You can see the rest after the bride-to-be sees them this weekend. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Monday, 15 November 2010

autumn in Berlin

This is the nicest piece I've seen in a long time - I really did not get into the Hamburger Bahnhof museum, but somehow this make-shift bizarre raft made it for me. It really tapped into my inner child, and I felt like the visit was worth it after seeing it.

Great dusk lights...and great food at VaPiano. OK, not the most German food, but still great!

*C* preparations at the KaDeWe

The Spree, its bank...and the birds

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

the *C* word

Oh yes, that time of year. Unbelievably, i read an article ages ago saying that there was apparently a demand from customers to buy *C* stuff as early as July, and this was why big store were already stocking up on decorations, cards and seasonal presents. Honestly? July?
I feel  already kind of bad mentioning it here and now, but it's close enough now, isn't it? Especially for us crafty people. Not that we're "special" but if you want a chance of making one or two presents yourself, you've got to start now or it will never happen.
So, last weekend, in the spirit of things, and having been on a raid shopping trip here, I decided to have a bath with the lovely gingerbread house bath bomb. What had I done...
 "what are you doing?" the man said "it's not *C* yet! you can't use *C*-y stuff until it's *C*!!"
And that's when I realised - gosh, I'm nearly as bad as those July people. It's true, isn't it? The longer *C* is around, the less magic there is.

So I won't be sharing too much just yet. Just one little photo maybe...just one....

From the superb display at the KaDeWe, Berlin.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I started off those little flowers a while ago - remember them? A couple of months later, and look how busy I've been... my sewing box needs a rest this week!

Perfect to gently perfume your cupboards - without looking like a nasty old-fashioned moth repellent! 
The wedding guests are in for a treat

Amidst the sea of felt flowers, there are now many more things taking shape - hearts and stars.

To be continued...

Monday, 1 November 2010

3, 2, 1, go! (#2)

Here i am for my second instalment of the Paris retrospective. But to get us started, a little rant about a funny article in this weekend's paper. I'm not sure just how far this story went, but it's worth a glance if you've not heard of it. So, this couple goes off to the Maldives and decide to have a special ceremony to renew their vows or something along those lines. They pay an exhuberant price, go through with it, only to find that they have been mocked and humiliated the whole way through. At first I found the story quite shocking, then frankly funny, then I got a little angry at the people blaming the "reverend". If your marriage really means that much to you, would you want someone to read out vows you did not understand in the slightest? Granted, families can also be quite nerve-wracking at times, but why escape away from them all and fly off to a completely unknown country on such an important day?
 One thing is for sure, the couple will never forget that ceremony! Did this story make you laugh? Cringe?

Right, now back to Paris!

Parisian staples

Bazar de l'Hotel de Ville - BHV

Impressed with my new camera yet? I bet you didn't even notice!

Taken from the top of Le Printemps - a fabulous free panoramic view from their cafe terrace!

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