Wednesday, 10 November 2010

the *C* word

Oh yes, that time of year. Unbelievably, i read an article ages ago saying that there was apparently a demand from customers to buy *C* stuff as early as July, and this was why big store were already stocking up on decorations, cards and seasonal presents. Honestly? July?
I feel  already kind of bad mentioning it here and now, but it's close enough now, isn't it? Especially for us crafty people. Not that we're "special" but if you want a chance of making one or two presents yourself, you've got to start now or it will never happen.
So, last weekend, in the spirit of things, and having been on a raid shopping trip here, I decided to have a bath with the lovely gingerbread house bath bomb. What had I done...
 "what are you doing?" the man said "it's not *C* yet! you can't use *C*-y stuff until it's *C*!!"
And that's when I realised - gosh, I'm nearly as bad as those July people. It's true, isn't it? The longer *C* is around, the less magic there is.

So I won't be sharing too much just yet. Just one little photo maybe...just one....

From the superb display at the KaDeWe, Berlin.

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  1. You're right, the present-making does need to start early. But it is nice to save the rest to make it more special. :)


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