Friday, 13 November 2009

An amateur clutch bag

After many agonising days, the impossible has finally happened. No, my boss hasn't decided to pay me the same salary and go part-time. Despite the biting cold, we haven't been snowed in either (although there is sill hope for this one to happen soon, fingers crossed).
No, the good news is, my magnetic snaps have finally reached me. Which means I can start making those again from next week. Of course, the bad news is, I can't get started straight away. The annoying thing with my job is, I have to give up a Saturday a year, and that's tomorrow. Boo hoo!!
Well, at least I have the pleasure of knowing that next week-end I'll be doing what i like best, and that in itself is worth quite a bit, isn't it?

For this clutch I have made my own pattern, getting inspiration from Tone's small purses and using(or trying to use) some of Keyka Lou's tips. You'll probably also recognise Saidos da Concha's style there.

Do you like it?
More to come very soon - hopefully!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

So...I' jumping on the train here and anwering Alice's call for photos of our "work places" in action. As I am no longer seeing the day light (leaving before the sun rises, coming home when it's way dark!), you'll have to make-do with some pitiful night-time coloured pics. The rule wants me to nominate three people to show theirs - I can only suggest the lovely

*Cristina (no blog yet)*    *Posie*    and      *Bliss Cocotte*

That way, everyone gets to represent their corner of the world.
Oh man, isn't the whole darkness when you're home get on your nerves too? Lucky for us there's True Blood on TV, gorgeous stews, books, and the conforting feel of a blanket on your knees!!
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