Monday, 22 February 2016

♥ Maldives ~ part 3

When you are staying in as nice a resort as Niyama it is so easy to forget about the rest of the world, and even easier I guess to forget that just a couple of nautical miles away from your paradisiac island, there are real, local, much more modest people. It was our privilege, while we stayed in Niyama, to go on a small excursion to the nearby capital island and we got to see their Maldives. The streets (well, paths, for the most part) were not so manicured as our little sandy paths, and their buildings were in complete contrast to the luxury rooms we were accustomed to, but all in all it was a breath of fresh air to go and see this amazing place.
The colours were vibrant, some walls on the oldest buildings were made of corals (yes!) and the local school just stole my heart. I wish everyone who was staying in our resort got to see this, but we were one of only two families who opted for the trip. What a shame to miss out on seeing this, and trying to understand what life is life, for real, for Maldivians. I hope you enjoy the experience, I know it was truly a great afternoon for us, especially thanks to our two lovely guides!

Saturday, 20 February 2016

my little home box

I can see how this can easily become an obsession. From the first week of February I started checking my mail box like a stalker in the hope of finding my "little box" nestled in there. Luckily I only had to wait until the 10th, which was lovely. It is so hard not to find out anything about the current month's little box theme when you are using social media (I started IGing a few months ago, you can find a link over on the top of my page) so I did know it would be a "home" theme but refrained from looking at anything else till I got mine.
Home is a perfect theme for this time of year with spring around the corner and ideas flowing in for redecorating and renewing a few homely items. The box does not disappoint.

On the lifestyle goodies front, a lovely framed illustration by Kanako (love those!) and a great cushion cover - just happened to be the perfect size for my sofa cushions. I can totally see myself purchasing a few extra ones when they become available in the little corner shop. The beauty treats are all very well presented in their little pouch bag as last month - I guess this is the case in every box? They were a mask and peel product by Noxidoxi, slightly shimmery moisturiser from the little beauty range and a large Polaar hand cream, all good quality and much appreciated already.

I absolutely love the box again this month, and am already thinking of ways I can reuse the empty boxes, they're so pretty! The thing is, we have finally had the great news we have been waiting for and we'll soon be moving into our new home. So you see, this month's theme really couldn't have come at a better time!

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