Sunday, 22 January 2017

my little Christmas box

OK, hand up, I admit it, this is the latest, wayest overduest of all posts, but man has it been a lazy month over here at the Peony house!
When this box came mid-December it truly was like Christmas. I opened it in front of a colleague in work and the reaction was just magical, what a top box to finish off 2016!

On the beauty side of things we had loads to be happy with: a new Courreges pefume (I loved the one I got earlier in the spring, I think it was May), a super cute lip balm and a lovely twin pack smoky eyes kits from My Little Beauty - always handy to have!

The lifestyle goodies had my heart melting: a gorgeous Christmas-themed candle(I got gingerbread) and a very stylish bracelet (Louyetu collaboration).

The real treats this month were the extras. First, a very yummy Kusmi Tea tin, and then a sample-sized salted caramel spread from Tiptree. The box itself was super cute, and they even put a little candy cane on the ribbon.
 It was perfect to get into the Chritmas spirit, I loved it! Once more the packaging is really impressive and just adds that nice touch to the whole parcel when you open it.

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