Friday, 29 August 2014

goodly share of bliss

Night comes earlier and earlier every day and with it fresher dawns. Mornings are crisp again and I find myself dreaming of making pies, hearty comforting bowls of wholesome food, and bizzarely, anything involving mushrooms. I blame the Great British Bake Off.  In the meanwhile, I have tried and tested this wonderful pea soup with chorizo and almond crumble, and it was delicious. The cold snap has also provided a perfect opportunity to make a batch of crêpes with a chocolate sauce and a tarte amandine. Absolute bliss.

Apart from that, I have managed to get through quite a bit of clutter, cleaned some little nooks and crannies, nursed a big cold, had a night out in a trendy rooftop bar with an impeccable view over the pretty poppies at the Tower of London, played and played some more with Baby. Yet more bliss.

La nuit arrive de plus en plus tôt chaque jour, et il fait frais au petit matin. Je me prends à rêver de faire des tourtes, des bols remplis de bonnes choses équilibrées, et bizzaremment, n'importe quoi avec des champignons. Tout ça, c'est de la faute au Great British Bake Off. En attendant, j'ai essayé cette superbe recette de soupe au petits pois avec un crumble de chorizo et amandes, et c'était merevilleux. Le retour du froid m'a aussi donné l'occasion de faire une tournée de crêpes au chocolat et une tarte amandine. Que du bonheur.
A part ça, j'ai aussi réussi à faire un peu de rangement, nettoyer dans les petits coins, me suis soignée d'un vilain rhume, ai passé une soirée dans un bar trendy en terrasse d'où j'avais une vue impeccable sur les coquelicots de la Tour de Londres, et j'ai joué et encore joué avec Bébé. Que du bonheur.  

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

baby teepee

This week I have been busy making a play teepee for Baby J. My husband keeps saying she's not a baby anymore, and I should stop call her that, but oh she's still so small and tiny when she cuddles up in the little hole between my shoulder and my neck.And what about those super cute tiny sighs when she sleeps? And those teeny tiny fingers and toes?
OK, enough with the sentiments. This week, as I was saying, I made her a teepee. After browsing many tutorials on the net, I kind of went rogue and just made my own with what I could find, which is bamboo sticks from the DIY shop and a big piece of sheet fabric from John Lewis for the most part, and left-over ribbons to tie the whole thing together (I tried to teach baby how to colour-code already, but she wasn't having any of it!). The result is more eye-pleasing than it's practical I have to admit, but although it may not be the most robust of home teepees, both baby and I seem to love it for now.

It has been a busy time and with the holidays ending soon, I have found myself being really quite active lately, the only problem is to try and find the time to share any of it with you. Hopefully I will be able to do that soon, so keep tuned!

Monday, 11 August 2014

things I love this summer...


♥ being in the middle of nature for a week, getting back to your sources and getting greeted by a flock of ducks in the morning
♥ feeling the wind in your hair and face whilst riding a bike - such a feeling of freedom!
♥ making lots of simple lunches
♥ taking a sewing course and learning new techniques
♥ visiting my husband for a spot of improvised lunch
♥ the mighty return of the Great British Bake Off - how cute is Martha?
♥ whizzing our way through breaking Bad. We'd never seen it and got the box set before the holidays...addictive or what?

♥ se retrouver au milieu de la nature pendant une semaine, se ressourcer, et se retrouver nez-à-nez avec des canards le matin
♥ sentir le vent dans les cheveux et sur le visage en faisant un tour de vélo - rien de tel pour se sentir libre!
♥ se faire plein de déjeuners tout simples
♥ faire un stage de couture et apprendre de nouvelles techniques
♥ rendre visite à mon mari pour un déjeuner improvisé
♥ le retour tant attendu du Great British Bake Off - elle est pas chou, Martha?
♥ visionner Breaking Bad à toute vitesse. On ne l'avait jamais vu et on s'est offert le coffret avant les vacances...ça rend accro, non?
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