Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Rainbow in my day

What a dreadful spring we're having! It has been a completely uninspiring time for me for the last few weeks. The weather doesn't help, neither does going back to work after a miserable Easter spent nursing a cold. Boo Hoo.
But in the midst of all this shaky period there may just be hope looming around the corner...

Y if we have a bad spring, then summer is definitely going to be wonderful!
Y  I can even count how many rainbows I have sen this past fortnight
Y I want to sew again (just can anybody extend the week by another 3 or 4 days please)...
Y ...especially from my Liberty Sewing Book
Y So excited about putting the final touches of my our big day together - not long to go now :)
Y Really excited about giving up some of responsibilities in work - now I understand the meaning of feeling the weight off one's shoulders

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Sleepy blog at the moment...spring brought me a very nasty cold this year. Hope to be back and full of energy soon.
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