Monday, 2 August 2010

lavender bags

There's still loads to improve on those lavender mini bags, but they're so lovely I had to show you what the felt ones look like at the moment. As posted a few days ago, they are destined to be wedding favours, but first of all I need to bride-to-be to say which designs she likes best. I am also preparing a few fabric hearts, and then she can make an informed decision. To finish them off, I'm going to have special labels made and attach them at the back with the names and date of of the wedding.
Married women, or brides to be, I would just love to hear your comments about them. Do you think they'd be appreciated? What did you have for your wedding favours (if any)?

Oh, and talking about weddings, as usual a few bloggers are getting married this summer, and I just have to mention Alix's fabulous-looking wedding. Even if you're not a big fashionista (I'm not, really), you'll love her blog about Paris, accessories, and shoes. Worth a peek!

And of course, for those who have been following (by the way, if you want to follow, there's still space ;) ) I simply cannot let you go without showing you the magnificent - oh so sublime - gorgissimous chocolate tart I made this weekend for my half! Let me tell you, the half was happy! But then who wouldn't be?


  1. Hi! Thanks for your nice comment on my Everything Tote! You've made really really pretty lavender mini bags. It's a lovely shape and the colours are well chosen! My favourite is the champagne one! It'll give the wedding a very special touch!

  2. Thanks a bunch, Miss Pelicano! My personal favourite is the pink one, but I agree that the champagne one is probably a winner...

  3. Lovely - si petites et si délicates !

  4. I collected some lavender the other day and remembered you ;) I just put it in some organdy bags and put them in the wardrove and the hall... nice


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