Wednesday, 31 August 2011

escape to the country...

...and back with lots of good memories. There's nothing quite like spending time in the garden, is there?

I managed to bring back many bags full of fruit, but nothing beats picking and eating them straight from the tree :)

The sweetest tomatoes - I made a massive batch of my stuffed tomatoes and froze them for those cold autumn nights which, no doubt, are just around the corner.

Sadly it was a bit too early to bring any pears back

I love those fields of cosmos. they spring up everywhere in the French countryside these days, and make any road trip feel like you're driving through a dream

I love my new camera! I was so pleased to get this elusive bee!

It has been a very relaxing holiday, as you can see, and it's backwards that I'll be getting back to work tomorrow morning. I guess it has to happen at some point, right? Well, let's not think too much about it for now...there's still plenty of things to smile about:

* seeing colleagues again after weeks off - and gossiping!
* autumn is just around the corner, and there's nothing like the crispness of those mornings
* One day has come out at the movies

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