Monday, 5 September 2011

Vintage finds

The great thing about visiting France in the summer is that you can be sure there will be lots of antique / car boot sales at the weekend.  This August I visited a couple of really nice places on Sundays near home. Most of the stalls sell tat, really, but occasionally there are treasures to be re-discovered. Someone in the family is a complete car-boot nut and goes religiously. That's how I end up with anything sewing-related whenever I go back. Still, it means I never EVER run out of cotton or buttons (or needles, or measuring tapes)!

The jars are also vintage. One of them now contains sugar and a pod of vanilla straight from Madagascar...yum!

More vintage finds in my next posts


  1. Hi! And thanks for popping over to my blog! Glad to see that someone's still visiting! :-) How lucky of you to find such nice vintage things in France!

  2. Such fantastic finds! LOVE all those buttons! Can't wait to see the other vintage goodies you have.


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