Saturday, 1 February 2014

still winter days

Yesterday on the radio many people were phoning in and saying how happy they were that January was finally over. It's true that it's a pretty long month, and for those who made resolutions it can be a bit depressing. The incessant rain just doesn't help to make things any better.
Still, if you look on the bright side, you might say it's great to come home and have a hot cup of cocoa. You get to snuggle up on the sofa under all your quilts and later in bed with a hot water bottle. You get to bake hearty comfort food without any complex, and January is also a good excuse to snap up some sales in the shops. Being the capricorn that I am, I got a bargain or two on a recent shopping trip. Well...recent shopping trip...ummm. All is relative now with Baby. "Recent" goes back to the first few days of the month about three weeks ago, as for "shopping trip" it is more like an hour zooming from one place to the other in the local shopping centre.
Luckily the days are getting much longer already and there is hope that soon I'll be able to venture out with my pram and Baby in tow at the end of the working day. Till then, back to comforting things. Enjoy hibernation while it lasts!


  1. Je déteste janvier, j'ai du mal à voir le positif dans tout ça ! J'aime être à la maison mais je préfère quand il y a du soleil...Ouf on est en février !
    Ihih les petites mains qui tripotent les squares ;-)
    Jolies photos !
    à bientôt

  2. It seems your are having a little helper in your quilt making.
    I am actually enjoying the "hibernación" yet happy January is over.
    Love from the sunny and cold Madrid.


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