Wednesday, 19 February 2014


This week has been all about pink so far. Baby has new PJs with the most adorable collar and bodysuits full of my favourite matriochkas. My devoted husband has decided to bring home some flowers for Valentine's night - to my confused look, as we never do anything to mark the occasion. Beautiful flowers though, I am really enjoying them. And I was made up with the tasty meal he cooked for us this weekend too.

Rosy things:
* started a  mini sewing project for upcoming birthdays
* made my first carrot and walnut cake and it was yummy
* getting baby to sleep with the Stone roses - she is one cool chick already!
* watching a bit of ice skating on catch-up TV and re-reading Marie Antoinette's biography
* the return of the sewing bee

Less rosy things:
* being sick during your one and only week of holidays
* your baby girl being sick and waking up in floods of tears with toothache

Hopefully we'll be better before the week is over. I blame the lack of cold weather. Still, it's not too late for a big snow system to hit us. Fingers crossed.

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