Monday, 13 December 2010

In the mood for Christmas

Now that I have officially finished all the favours, I can concentrate on making a few extra things for myself, friends and colleagues. The hearts above are some of those, and some are on their way to new owners in many different places as we speak. I hope they fill plenty of new wardrobes and drawers with lovely smells of Provence.

I had a mini craft fair of my own in work last week, which was really lovely. People really loved my pouches, and I have to say I love making them. Thanks so much to Keyka Lou for making patterns so easy to use. Despite my super duper new camera, my pics are still taken after night fall, and so they will look a bit eery.

And just because I was home alone the night before, I decided to have a cook off and put my colleagues in a merry Christmas mood. Sometimes I think I'm a bit nuts to make things like that. Does that ever happen to you too? Well, at least some people loved it, and it definitely cheered the staff room, especially with that extra bit of sherry I added in, hi hi hi!

The recipe is, of course, by Nigella.
Nothing as decadent and yummy as this could be by anyone else.

But man, what a nightmare have I had trying to find green glacé cherries this year! Where are they? I had to use angelica instead, which is fine but not as vibrantly colourful as cherries. If you know where to find them, please let me know.


  1. I love the pouches - beautiful and interesting design, cute fabrics and looks very functional!

  2. All your sewing looks fantastic! And now I feel the need to go and bake. I love Nigella.


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