Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winter treats

This year December brought us some early snow, and much to my delight, some unforeseen time off work. How nice, when all I was craving for was a bit of time to continue my sewing projects, and frankly, an extra hour in bed does wonders on my mood!
The day before yesterday it started like that... and it was freeezing.

Yesterday we did not have a single flake all day, but were left with terrible roads and sidewalk. You know those old movie where people fall on the ice, and it's so funny - well, it's not. I tried walking a bit yesterday, and was only too happy to come back home after a few unlucky steps.

Today, I woke up to this winter wonderland (*o*)

But hey...who's left their foot print here??

Ah, ha....could it be the return of Mr Fox?

Glad to see they're still around, I hadn't seen them in a while.
Oh, and there's just one more treat. When I saw her again, I had to have her. So here I am, with a second advent calendar from Berlin, and its fabulous treats...oh, it's good to be in December!

1 comment :

  1. Oh cool, you got a photo of the fox! That's so exciting!


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