Monday, 10 January 2011

bad light and late resolution

Bad light, but I can't resist showing my latest trio of lavender hearts.

I've become completely addicted to making those. I made my own pattern (OK, it wasn't the most difficult thing to do, but it's so satisfying to create something from scatch!) after trying several different shapes, and can still spend long long minutes trying to figure out the best fabric / ribbon / button combination, but I love it! These three were made from my colleague's birthday recently.
I also had just enough time to make some for friends and family this Christmas. Which brings me to my late resolution. It's kind of a long term one, but this year....(drumroll)... I would really like to make more crafty presents for my nearest and dearest for their birthdays and Christmas. There. It's written in black and white, and there's no walking away from this one!!


  1. Great resolution! I recommend starting on Christmas! ;)

  2. Right now...hum....not sure. But I can definitely start snooping around for patterns and ideas.


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