Thursday, 30 August 2012

epp project

Having a bit of time on my hands (but not much motivation) I have finally started my epp rose star project again. I cannot believe I've neglected it for this long- shame on me!
I know what you're thinking - "epp - does that stand for Extreme Pink Project?"
Well, no, you silly, it's english paper piecing, and I just happen to have a very big piece of pink fabric from Thailand (one of my colleagues brought it back for me), and honestly, who can resist pink?
Anyway, here they are. My last two rose stars. Now I keep thinking about how many more I need to make a decent quilt to wrap myself with this winter, and that's what's killing my motivation I think. The putting together bit is really fun, but the prep work is really dire and tiresome.

Well, I say that but then when they're all together, they do start to look like something that could eventually be put together...

 So I started another one!


  1. What pretty colours and fabric! x

  2. They look really nice! although it seems difficult to put them all together to make a quilt. I'm looking forward to seeing the final result (I'll be patient) I love the retro-fabric you've used in your last star pic.


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