Friday, 22 January 2010

a surprise and a cake

The day after my birthday last week I received this über-cute little bundle of fabrics from dear Atina. As usual, I wanted to present it a nice light, but with the horrible rain and clouds we've been having, that's out of the question! All I have to do now is think of the best way to utilise the lovely liberty fabric. What a lovely present for a budding sewing person like me! Thanks again.

I did mention a *cake* in my post title too...

Bored with coming home late from work this week, tired of a temporary insomnia (must be the full moon), I decided the best remedy - the only remedy - would be a cake! This time, I adapted a recipe from a French book I got a couple of years ago. I used those gorgeous dark cherries in kirsh from M&S. If you're in the UK and haven't had those yet, run and get some!
I loved the way the cake mix ended up looking like fresh ice-cream. And the cooked thing wasn't bad either. I'll let you taste it with your eyes.


  1. Yummy cake, I wish I could taste it not only with my eyes!

  2. Mmmmhhh ça a l'air bien bon tout ça !
    Je vais voir où je peux trouver des cerises comme celles-là !

  3. Yumm, dark cherries! Looks delicious. The fabric looks yummy, too!


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