Saturday, 12 June 2010

Rhine river holiday

What a super busy time of year! I have been moving around quite a bit lately, and have neglected my blog for the last few days.  Today I am finally finding a bit of me-time to catch up with you, and have a pampering session the way every lady should have on a weekend.
The sad news is that my camera is playing up at the moment, and making negative-style pictures, mostly white. Has this ever happened to anyone? I have tried all settings, but still, 9/10 pictures are ghost-like!
Well, it does make some intersting quizz-like viewing sessions...wonder what that was...

And that's me a few weeks back in Brighton...with a touch of pink!

Anyway, that aside, I have had a fantastic time on the Rhine, near Boppard for a few days. I was with a group of our pupils on a cultural trip, and the weather and views were amazing. It is definitely somewhere I would like to visit again soon. I also have a few other sewing-things to show, as soon as I get my camera looked at! So, for now, I leave you with what I was able to save from the Rhine pics.


  1. Sorry to hear about your camera, hope you can fix it. But Rhine pics are very nice (by the way, where is it? isn't it a river? I'm an ignorant!)

  2. Yes, it's a river. I think it's the longest one in Europe (or western Europe at least). We were just south of Bonn and Cologne - lovely part of the world!


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