Friday, 22 July 2011

sewing project

After much, much reflection, I decided this summer would be the time to start making proper patchwork. I dabbled in a few DIY projects over the past few months - nothing really organised or properly done, though. So after a bit of soul-searching, I thought it would definitely be best to rely on the advice of the people who know what they're doing. I got this book last week, and had my first penny-dropping moment: chain piecing!

OK, so I've started this new little project, and already I want to start making more from the book. The thing is, I bought those lovely squares of pre-cut fabric in Paris last month, and really want to make a simple bed-spread to start. It's really quite basic, but I fell in love with the soft tones of the fabric, and couldn't resist them. My next one will have to be a bit more vibrant though!
In any case, chain piecing is the best revelation.

More to come soon!

1 comment :

  1. That book looks awesome! And you could totally be a hand model.


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