Wednesday, 7 March 2012

vintage fabric

Whilst rooting through some old things back home last month I came across these vintage fabric pieces. I had completely forgotten about them. I must have been about 14 when I decided I was going to sew something all by myself without any help or anyone showing me. I made the simplest little rucksack (basically a rectangle with a string) which I don't even remember using too much - I just liked the idea of sewing it. Now I wonder where THAT's gone!

Anyway the minute I spotted those in the back of a cupboard in my old room, there was no hesitation to bring them back with me. Funny how things come and go, no?


  1. Hiya....I'm having a giveaway.....if you would like to enter!xxx

  2. these are so nice, I love vintage fabrics they have such nice patterns xx

  3. Stunning! You had great taste at 14!!
    x Katherine


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