Friday, 19 April 2013

opening up my Singer machine

The best thing about having a DIY-inclined dad is that they'll have a go at anything. During his visit to come and meet his grand-daughter, I spoke to my father about my thread tension problem, and straight away he made it his mission to fix it! He had never gone anywhere near a sewing machine before, and I suspect he may have needed a break from all the baby stuff, so he took the challenge without hesitating!
In any case, once he found the correct tools in our poorly-stocked DIY box, this happened...

This last picture shows where the upper tension lies. It was fascinating to see how it all works inside, and I couldn't help but take a few snaps of the entrails of the machine
Unfortunately, we discovered that pretty much everything  is working as it should! Once the operation was over, I tried sewing some more, and the same problem started all over again. Hey ho...that's life!
Maybe it's just as well - after all, I do have a magnificent baby to look after now, and she requires a LOT of attention. Sewing will just have to be put on hold for another few days / weeks.In the meantime, I am sure the seamstresses out there must be enjoying the Sewing Bee on the BBC on Tuesday nights - I know I'm addicted!

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  1. I love that your Dad had a go! My little Juki needs a service but there's a 3 week wait and I don't think I could be parted from her for so long!


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