Tuesday, 14 May 2013

comfort food

This weekend saw a bit of an extravagant food amount being consumed. Mr Lavender figured that, since we're pretty much home-bound 24/7 (and therefore not spending anything on restaurants anymore), we may as well splash out on luxury food on Saturdays and Sundays and treat ourselves to some yummy stuff from our local (and very pricey) butcher's shop and deli. Hence this feast last Saturday...

...T-bone steak bigger than my hand, gratin dauphinois with oodles of cream, and - why not - one of our vintage bottles of Margaux from what seems like a lifetime ago. The life!
Unfortunately it didn't stop there, as I'd decided earlier in the day to treat the man to some homemade muffins. Muffins are a sure way to get to a man's heart in just under an hour!

I always make my own chocolate chips with Poulain chocolate. I am not against read-made chips, but they lack the nostalgic taste that Poulain will always have for me.Plus, it's quite fun to have bigger bits every now and then in your muffin.

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