Wednesday, 3 July 2013

give me a break ;)

Last week the three of us went away for the first time as a family. I was dreading breaking the routine we managed to establish, sleeping in different places, driving long journeys, packing and unpacking twice in a week, etc.
In the end things went pretty smoothly, and we sort of maintained a routine with Baby. We went for a few walks, saw family, visited a craft centre, and ended the trip with a long weekend in Center Parcs surrounded by the local fauna of rabbits and ducks, and more importantly, finally had that massage and facial I was dreaming of - heaven!
One week was enough though, and we were happy to come home to settle back into our own rhythm - we're home people really, and no matter how much we love traveling, we have always loved coming back to our base.Still, here's an idea of what the first family break was like:


  1. Glad to know Baby Lavender is getting used to travelling.
    by the way, what's that pointed seem-like church?

  2. It's a beacon- not very big, but quite high! From the top of the hill you can just about see the sea.


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