Sunday, 15 September 2013

time flies

Time flies at great speed at the moment. Juggling baby, home and work at the same time is quite a challenge! But then I always knew it was going to be this way.
In the midst of this very busy start of term (and a new chapter in our lives) it's sometimes hard to stay focused on creative projects started a while ago. Last night I finally started quilting my new baby quilt, and what a mammoth job this is going to be with our new schedule...but I have faith, and if all goes well and I manage to discipline myself enough over the next few days, it should be done quickly.
I figure, if I don't stick to a good regime now, I never will, so- onwards and upwards. At least Baby is sleeping well, so we get to have our rest at night (I'm so happy she loves her sleep as much as we both do!)

So, school started again two weeks ago, and as you can tell my my absence here, it's been uber busy. Somehow, though, I found time to make a couple of pick-me-ups. well, a girl's got to have her happy treats, right? And Mr Lavender is not one to complain about having cakes to eat, so I made my autumnal blackberry cheesecake and my regular go-to chocolate cake. Good stuff!

1 comment :

  1. I might try the chocolate cake soon following your recipe, even though cooking is not my stuff


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