Sunday, 3 January 2016

changes for 2016

First of all a whole bunch of flowers to wish you all a super happy new year for 2016. Nothing brings a smile to my face like a nice bouquet, and I eagerly wait for late spring to fill the house with poenies again - such a lovely flower that I chose its name to start my IG account a few weeks back.
This is one of the first changes I am making this year - putting myself out there a little bit more. I have come across so many inspiring things on IG and Pinterest this past year that I decided I might take part too, you know, join the gang and see what happens. Good things, hopefully. There's a link to it on the sidebar, check it out!
And since I've been cooing over those 2015 flower pictures, I've also used my last weekend off to make a new banner and rejig a few things around. Do you like it? Really feeling this "new year, new me" vibe. Groovy. Let's hope the enthusiasm sticks once work has started again :(

 So onto another challenge I'd like to try for this year : maximise time use. You've already seen my daily planning sheet here. I've gone once step beyond and want to make a proper full planner with short and long term goals to achieve. I got the goods from Pinterest, amazon and paperchase and started making a full blown planner. Just started, but it's looking good already (listen to me, modest and all...) And since the planning sheet have worked so well, I am really hopeful that I will get more out of my time. Not to mention that Baby has considerably grown and been replaced by a lovely toddler who can now play on her own for a while.
The next two massive changes this year are still being unfolded as we speak, so I have no pictures yet, but the first one involves a potential new house. THIS is the one, I'm telling you guys. Paperwork on its way, I am not for one second allowing myself to dream about it as my heart was broken by the previous one, but this is definitely the one for us.
The second and final big change will teeth! For the past five months I've been going through the Invisalign process. Basically it's an invisible, removable brace, a bit like a slim gumshield. Every two weeks I get a new one to fit in and my teeth have gradually changed place to make me look a bit more like how I wanted to look. If all goes well I have just six weeks left till it's all over. More on that later, as I said, it's all still happening at the moment and I am not jinxing anything right now.

Well this was quite a lenghthy post by my standards! If you've managed to read this far, congrats. ♥♥♥ Happy New Year 2016 ♥♥♥

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