Monday, 4 April 2016

Easter Baby

This year's early Easter coincided with Baby's third birthday, which gave us the opportunity to see family and to organise a small first party in our new house (more on the new house later, we're still feeling our way around it, but gosh, is it nice to have your own place at last!)
Baby J could not have been happier with her birthday. I saw lots of hanging balloons on Pinterest lately and tried it the night before the big day - man, the look on her face when she saw them in the morning was priceless, I have never seen that look of amazement on her before, like "really, all this for me?" Then presents, then grandparents arriving without her knowing, then a whole day at London zoo, and then my delicious but not very "together" pecan cake (Delia's recipe here), wow, what a day for our big girl. And what proud, happy parents she makes us.

DIY tips
 ♥ For the balloons, I used some simple masking tape and raffia ribbons, we're lucky to have the right kind of skylight to hand them on to, but Pinterest has loads of ideas for balloons hanging off doorframes etc too.
 ♥ The cake really was nice, honest, especially the caramelised pecans and mascarpone cream BUT do not let a three-year-old dictate the decoration of said cake, stick to Delia's, or wait until the very last minute to add your hundreds and thousands!

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