Monday, 11 April 2016

My little bubble box

The Bubble Box arrived last month in the middle of a pretty busy time, namely our big house move. I haven't got round to posting about it here till now and I thought maybe I wouldn't as the April box should be arriving this week, but hey, better late than never right?
So here it is -  My Little Box for March.
This month I found the packaging a bit less attractive than January and February, the roller girl didn't really appeal to me, and the colours just reminded me of the 80s, in a not-so-nostalgic way :(

The goodies were great though, with a big emphasis on beauty this month, as the lifestyle bit of the box was all about hair and make-up. The hairbrush is funky enough and works a treat, I haven't used the "bulle de teint" yet, but it feels great to the touch.
In the laced up pouch a FABULOUS Givenchy mascara (great packaging, so tactile) a body scrub from Huygens and one of my all-time favourite products, a pink lip and cheek tainter. I've been a huge fan of Benetint for years, and thought this would be similar. However, My Little Beauty's version is heavier, more paste-like than the watery Benetint. Great finish on the face though, especially on the cheeks.
To round off the box, the usual magazine (again, colour palette not to my taste this month, sadly) and a balloon to blow. Because, why not?

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