Wednesday, 14 September 2016

my little friends box

 Hands up who is a whole month late introducing their August box?
Oh the shame, the shame. It really should have no excuse, but I have been hit by a train going at full speed back in work, and in my defense I didn't get said box until late in August. Bygones, ok?
So tonight, a whole month late, but also a whole week after opening my beautiful Mademoiselle box, I can finally share with you the content of my "Friends" box.

So let me start with the best thing here - I have been pestering about manicure sets for about 6 weeks, since not one but two nailclippers broke on me. And then guess what came in the post? The cutest little manicure set with all your essentials, and in a cute packaging as usual. Nice touch to read my thoughts there, My Little Team!
The second lifestyle pressie is from a collaboration with Printie, it's so geeky - in a cool way. I didn't even know those things existed, but I can see myself using my new fisheye camera all the time. It's small, practical, and pretty cute too. 

 On the beauty front, my favourite has to be the flamingo-covered "Summer Lips" from My Little Beauty. Lovely colour, good texture. I've been wearing it everyday since it arrived ;)
I've not tried the hairspray, it's from Baptiste, but I trust it will be a goodun'. Just need a night out now.
And finally, Hydramuse from Kadalys. Great smell, not too greasy.

And that's altogether perfect with the cutest drawings from Kanako on the box again. The best thing about My Little Box, now that I've got a good handful at home, is that you get to try out loads of new products from brands you might not have considered before. On the whole I've been really happy with all the surprises I got, and it's such a treat every month to have that box being delivered, it always makes my day.

The only mini sour note is that there isn't a loyalty kind of scheme going. Since I started buying My Little Box in January, three of my colleagues have signed up, and I also treated a friend to a three-months stint. The capricorn in me thinks there could be some sort of reward to it, but hey, not complaining, just saying.
Whatever happens, I can't see myself stoppping my subscription just yet. I just loooove those goodies!

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