Friday, 31 July 2009

Almodovar@Somerset House

Last night was the opening of Film 4’s mini season of open-air screenings at Somerset House. To start with a bang, the organisers showed the UK Premiere of Broken Embraces, Los Abrazos rotos, and the public turned up in what seemed like hundreds! We got there fairly early to secure a nice location, and to enjoy an alfresco picnic which I’d prepared in the afternoon.
As far as the weather goes, we were lucky not to have a drop of rain, but it really was alfresco – as in fresh-why-on-earth-is –it-always-so-flipping-cold-in-England?
(sorry, continental nature takes over sometimes, particularly when talking about the summer weather, of lack thereof)

Back to the movie, anyway! If you’re a die-hard fan of Almodovar, you’ll probably like it as I did. Now I know that some of the critics haven’t all been good, especially back in Spain, but it is nonetheless a superb film about films, just without the usual cohort of transvestites and hold-back-your-tears moments. Still, there are some very quirky characters, whether fictional or not, and lots of humour.

The atmosphere at Somerset House was super, too, and despite the high price tag, if you want to spend a nice evening in the city, then go for it, I had a great time, and of course, got to see the stars!

PS. Bring your own picnic (nicer and cheaper than what they had there) AND a blanket. By the way, thanks to the really nice person next to us who lent us one of their spare ones! Only me could think that they were gonna have chairs…silly sally!

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