Thursday, 3 December 2009

advent and other things

Now that's a moment I've been waiting for for a loooooong time! back in October I visited Berlin and fell in love with this lovely matriochka in the famous KaDeWe department store...isn't she to die for?

This is such a transgression - I honestly can't remember if I've ever even had an advent calender before....but this one was just so pretty, I had to have her! And the chocolates inside are amazing, nothing like the grotty tiny pieces you get in supermarket ones.

I've also been meaning to show you the pouches I made with the much awaited magnetic snaps. Here they are - I just about remembered to sanp them before their own owner came to get them!

As you know at the moment, normal daylight is a bit of a utopic thing, so I have to apologize for the horrible pics! here's another one...I was made up with those pouches, as I made my own pattern. And today before I bid them goodbye, I even had the satisfaction of a colleague asking me for a copy of said pattern so she could try and have  ago at it (yeah!)
Well, I'll leave you on this modest note. I have so many things to say, but life has been really hectic the last 2 weeks, and it doesn't look like it's gonna stop for the next fortnight again. If I have a minute or two, I'll post this week-end to tell you all about it.


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