Wednesday, 6 January 2010

los reyes me dieron...nieve

Yes, thank you so much to the weather-man, the Three Kings, and the russian cold air for giving me an extra day off! Much appreciated. Here's what it's been looking like over here today:

And no - it's not a black and white picture, just the weird glow of snow before sunset. Isn't it weird how the flakes appear very white?

So, like a lot of people who get snowed-in, I started off my day with the best of intentions, and ended up not doing much at all. I have started a new Keyka Lou bag, though, and have nearly finished it. I am also glued to the weather reports, and crossing my fingers very hard for tomorrow, and why not, for Friday.
The only thing is, I wish I had a well-stocked pantry so I could embark on more cooking projects!

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