Thursday, 7 January 2010

new bag

Having had another day off work due to the heavy snow and ice, I have had plenty of time today to finish the "garden party wristlet" I started yesterday. This is nearly the last of my starry fabric.

I am very pleased witht the result. It was fairly easy to sew, but there were quite a few fiddly bits. I really love the idea of a wristlet bag, and am sure I will be making plenty more of those soon. This item was made with a Keyka Lou pattern, and if you haven't visited her site yet, you must do so. It is full of good sewing tips for when you're a bit stuck.
A few more pics of the bag...with extra snow in the background - we haven't seen too much of it today, but the journey to get fresh bread round the corner was treacherous still!

Well, I think I will be back in work tomorrow, after this unexpected prolongued holiday - boo hoo!

Still, it's been lovely to stay at home and do extra sewing, extra sleeping, and extra taking-my-time!
Saying that, if the weatherman is right again, we could well see a lot more of home again next week - here's hoping ;)

1 comment :

  1. ooh! It's so cute! and super well done. I really like the fabric too ;)


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