Tuesday, 27 July 2010

patchwork baskets

Going away is nice. You experience new things, meet new people and have wonderful chats whilst sharing a few drinks. But nothing beats coming home when you've been gone for a while. All in all, I have been away from home an awful lot over the last couple of months, and I am really enjoying finding my marks again, lazing around, and making good use of my kitchen.
Last weekend I made a gorgeous raspberry trifle using Delia's cheat recipe and it turned out beautifully! I am also planning to make some stuffed tomatoes, a typical French summer dish with sausage meat. I'll let you have the recipe when I get round to it.
In the meatime, I want to show you my very first patchwork experience - a basket I made with Atina Alga's precious guidance during the holidays. It is made using Pink Penguin's free tutorial. Available here.

Atina'a tools for cutting patchwork quares are simply amazing and I still cannot believe how much easier it was to cut pieces of fabric. I never really thought about getting anything like this, but I can really see how useful it can be...something to think about!


  1. You are kidding! Is this really your first patchwork project? That's so amazing! Your basket turned out so nice and it looks like it's made so professionally too! Thank you for sharing your fabulous basket with us ;)

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Ayumills! It really was my first patchwork experience, and I have to say I loved it, and can't wait to try another one of your projects...


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