Monday, 31 January 2011

back to work

After a few weeks days of rest, my trusted Singer has been back to work this wekend. And for the first time I also used my new patchwork making material - a ruler, rolling cutter and cutting mat. As with a lot of things I do, I thought, OK, I'll start with something nice and easy. So I drew a quick sketch of what I wanted, and made sure it would all work out, including calculations of squares and rectangles.

Then I realised I wouldn't have enough fabric to do what I wanted in the colours I wanted.
So I changed my plan.
Then I started cutting all my bit of fabric.
Then I realised I was STILL short of the gingham fabric for the centre piece.

In the end I had to make a final adjustment. And then the sewing started. About half-way through, it looked really promising, but I could just see all the things that were wrong about my method (or lack of). I kept saying to my half  "This is so the wrong way to do this", and yet it kept sort of turning out all right. Well, in my eyes it's still not perfect, but I am rather impressed that I managed to make this with no pattern or any methodology whatsoever. Yeah team me - my first ever patchwork piece on my own!


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